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About The Hospital

Ahl Masr Burn Hospital will be the first and the largest non-profit burn specialized medical complex and research center in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa.

The hospital is designed with 120 bed capacity in phase one of its construction and expandable to 180 beds in phase two. 

Ahl Masr Non-Profit Burn Hospital is a medical complex that comprises of emergency and medical services including operating suites, diagnostic imaging, rehabilitation and psychotherapy, laboratories, outpatient services, oxygen therapy unit, intensive care unit, inpatient wards, visitors and out-comers’ facilities and Ahl Masr foundation premises.

The Concept and vision behind the Design of Ahl Masr Non-Profit Burn Hospital

An innovative flexible design concept was adopted to make the new hospital an efficient medical facility with a futuristic vision. The hospital is designed to receive a predictable influx of different hospital users; therefore, five segregated entrances were created to ensure separation between various medical routes, generating a smooth circulation that offers efficiency in service delivery.

A totally separated entrance to the emergency room from the East side of the building has been especially designed to serve and accommodate the ambulances’ entrance into the facility. This dedicated entrance is easily accessible through directional signs and is totally separated from the entrances of the non-emergency patients and or the visitors.

An atmosphere that is environmentally-friendly is considered throughout the hospital design to save energy and create a child and adult-friendly healing environment.

The Concept and Vision Behind the Design of the Hospital’s Emergency Unit

Emergency department is designed to receive up to 16 patients at the same time in case of disaster along with one surgical theatre. Designed to ensure infection control and hygienic standards, two emergency entrances were introduced to receive two flows of patients, one for the pedestrians and the other is for the ambulance car, to preserve the fast track for ambulance patient, privacy, and psychological aspects of patients and their families.

The Concept and vision behind the Design of the Hospital’s Inpatients’ rooms

A massive green atrium stands on a direct exposure of the hospital Main Entrance; this green hub bounces from the ground floor to the roof, connecting all floors together to overlook the inner patio and greenery. A winding staircase and panoramic elevator for visitors’ usage is established that link all floors. The atrium provides sun light and reduces the need for artificial lighting. These Natural settings are planned to provide a counterbalance to the stresses faced by patients and their families. Sun filled rooms and greenery spaces that serve as comfort for patients and their visitors.

All Inpatient wards are almost all designed to accommodate single bedrooms, to improve infection control aspects and privacy of patients. Moreover, a dedicated corridor for patient families’ and visitors wrapped the inpatient wards to offer the longest time possible for family viewing, without any disruption to medical services offered in the heart of the inpatient wards.

Dimensions and Location of Ahl Masr Non-Profit Burn Hospital

Ahl Masr Burn Hospital is located in the First Settlement, New Cairo. Egypt

Address: End of South Teseen 90 St. Service Area of South Koronfil. Opposite Kornfil Villas.

GPS coordinates:

30° 02' 51.39"N 31° 31' 05.35"E

Total built-up area: 45,500m2

Total land area: 12,200 m2 


Project Management Services by: EFESO International 

Dr. Hesham Dinana, Project Owner Representative

Eng. Waleed Dinana, Project Owner representative   

Hospital Design by: Vital Konzept

Eng. Hatem El Ayouty, CEO

Eng. Hussein Galal, General Manager

Eng. Ahmed Eissa, Projects Director




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