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Our Vision, Mission & Core Values

Our Vision

Humanity Burn - Free

Our Mission

Originated in Egypt, we aim to be a sustainable foundation with a clear focus in dealing with burn cause (injuries) throughout Humanity. We aim to ease the pain and suffering of Burn Victims and their families through: treatment, awareness & prevention, reintegration and research.

Our Core Values

- Passion: we believe in what we do and we do it with excellence, empathy, a positive drive and the determination that our dream of a Humanity Burn Free can come true.

- Integrity: we are accountable for our own actions and we treat our beneficiaries whether they are donors or Burn Victimswith the    equality and transparency they deserve.

- Creativity: we trust that new ideas in all what we do will help set us apart.

- Affiliation: we seek and are open to partnerships with local and global centers of excellence that can help us achieve our vision.

- Excellence: we relentlessly develop our people, our processes and our knowledge. 



About Ahl Masr

Established in 2013, Ahl Masr is the first Non-Profit Organization in Egypt and the Middle East to focus on Burn Prevention and Treatment.

The foundation focuses on providing free treatment and comprehensive care to Burn Survivors all over Egypt.

Ahl Masr also aims to revolutionize the concept of development and sustainability in the field of healthcare in Egypt.

Registered under the no. 2013/728, Ahl Masr has managed through its dedicated and diversified team to quickly become a unique and effective organization that helps hundreds of Burn Victims all over Egypt.

With its focus on building one of Egypt’s and the Middle East’s largest projects ever, Ahl Masr Non-profit Burn Hospital, the world’s largest non-profit burn hospital located in Egypt and serving the Middle East and Africa. to be built at New Cairo city on a built area of 45,500 m2, all fundraised and managed by Ahl Masr to face the growing need of specialized burn care in Egypt.




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