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Cairo Runners Organizes Gouna International Half Marathon


More than one thousand individuals will participate in the event to support the building of Ahl Masr’s Hospital for the free treatment of burns.

Cairo Runners announced the organization of the first half international marathon in Egypt under “International Half Marathon in Gouna.” Orascom Hotels and Development is sponsoring this event that will take place on Friday February 10, 2017 to support burn survivors and Ahl Masr Foundation. 

This massive sporting event is the first of its kind not only for being the first international marathon held in Egypt and contributing to the revitalization of tourism, but also for supporting burn survivors in Egypt.

According to the World Health Organization, approximately 100,000 people suffer from burn injuries every year in Egypt, representing about 300 people daily. From this number, nearly 40 thousand people die in the first six hours of such fire hazards. As a result, Cairo Runners and Orascom Hotels and Development intends to organize this event to support Ahl Masr Foundation in the building of its burn hospital, the first hospital to treat burns freely in Egypt and the Middle East.

It is important to mention that hundreds of Egyptians and foreigners will participate in this event. It is expected that a large number of different nationalities, public figures and several artists will attend. Predominately participants aim to support burn survivors, as a portion of the event’s ticket will be donated to Ahl Masr’s Free Burn Hospital.

Founder of Cairo Runners, Ibrahim Safwat, said, “the objective of every individual running in the marathon is to preserve their health, however the ultimate goal is to preserve their health and the health of others.”

Dr. Heba El Sewedy, founder and chairwoman of the Board of Trustees of Ahl Masr Foundation clarifies, “Just like renowned Australian runner Turia Pitt said, some people imagine that a strong individual does not feel pain. However, the truth is that the strongest is who feels pain while understanding and accepting it.” El Sewedy added, “Our mission at Ahl Masr Foundation is to work towards providing burn survivors with Turia Pitt’s model and to achieve ‘Egypt Burn-Free,’ and ultimately ‘Humanity Burn-Free.’”

It is important to note that the marathon will take place from 6am to 12pm. It will be divided into three runs, the first being 21 km, the second 7 km, and the third 1 km for families. Event organizers said that the marathon will end with a concert by HOH and awarding the top three marathon winners.


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