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Detailed Description of Hospital Facilities

Firstly, Treatment and rehabilitation facilities

- Operation Theatres (1 major OR, 4 general OR, 3 holding beds and 7 recovery beds)

- Pediatric Intensive Care Units: 24 PICU rooms and 5 isolation rooms

- Intensive Care Units for adults: 24 ICU rooms and 5 isolation rooms

- 45 Adult single bedrooms, 5 double bedrooms and 2 isolation rooms 

- 45 Pediatric single bedrooms, 5 double bedrooms and 1 isolation rooms

- Rehabilitation department including hydrotherapy, 3 treatment cubicles, Gymnasium, and physical and motor therapy unit.

- Psychotherapy unit

- Emergency department: Observation bay (6 cubicles), Resuscitation bay (3 cubicles), Triage bay (6 cubicles), 4 treatment rooms, Minor OR suite & its services.

- Outpatient Department: 11 general clinics & 2 Exfoliation laser clinics

- Diagnostic Imaging (X-ray, CT-Scan, bone densitometry, Ultrasound and MRI suite)

- Laboratory

Secondly, Unique Special Services:

The purpose of building Ahl Masr Burn Hospital is not limited to a treatment facility. The purpose of the hospital is to build a comprehensive model for treatment, rehabilitation and care for burn victims. With this comprehensive approach in perspective; the hospital includes a scientific and social research center, a career management center and a skin bank as well as a stem cell bank to ensure burn victims who have suffered more than 80% skin loss have a high chance for survival through new skin implantation.

Thirdly, Managerial and Administrative departments:

Managerial departments including: management offices, training centers, ICT support system and data base units as well as filing room of medical records.

Support Services unit including: Main kitchen, dining, central store, waste management, laundry, workshop, staff changing rooms and central pharmacy and parking.

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