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Humanity Burn Free Initiative

With similar social problems and injustices appearing across the world, there is a need to look for global solutions and cross-border alliances to resolve these issues in a way that makes use of different experiences, instruments and resources; hence was the Humanity Burn Free Initiative.

HBF is a global initiative launched worldwide by the foundation.

HBF aims to help Burn Victims around the world by creating awareness of burn injuries and their individual and communal implications, and promoting the wellbeing, rehabilitation and social acceptance of Burn Victims.

Ahl Masr’s Humanity Burn-Free initiative partners with international and local organizations all over the globe to fight burn injuries and help create a global movement shedding light on the crucial issue of burns.

Ambassadors of the initiative focus on raising awareness of the cause around the world, they come from the different fields of music, fashion, and art, helping victims on various levels; empowering them to face social injustices and financial burdens, in addition to helping create a burn-free world that is safe to live in.

Ahl Masr successfully patented the 24th of August of each year as the international burn day, it has been registered regionally and the foundation is currently working on getting it recognized internationally.



Humanity Burn Free Ambassadors

Isaad Younis - Founder of Alarbia Cinema & Production, Celebrity Actress and Writer.

Farida Tamraz - Fashion Designer, Founder of Temraza Haute Couture

Hesham Kharma - Musician, Creative Director

Shahira Fawzy -  Fashion Designer, Founder of Sahara by Shahira Fawzy



The Initiative Symbol  

The butterfly signifies transformation, which is what Ahl Masr’s Humanity Burn-Free initiative aims to achieve by changing perceptions about burn victims and creating awareness about the physical and psychological pains they endure.

The butterfly’s wings and antennae take the shape of red flames that are the major cause of burn injuries.

The hollow heart symbolizes care and support for burn victims from the inside out, with an emphasis on changing social stigmas and challenging their social acceptance.

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