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Message From The Founder

More than 100,000 people suffer from burns every year in Egypt, over 50% of which die due to the lack of professional medical care and emergency awareness. Burn injuries are painful, horrific, and life-altering; as within those flames lies a destructive force that mutilates not only the face or body, but the future and lives of thousands of people.

What I envisioned for Ahl Masr at the time of its establishment was for it to become a manifestation of the values my colleagues I and embody; the importance of helping others, following Allah’s orders to be graceful to each other, and pushing forward the level of institutional charity work and medical care standards. 

Upon these pillars Ahl Masr was built with a name reinforcing a sentiment of patriotism and solidarity.

When did burn injuries become the foundation’s lifelong cause? Where did we shift, in such a short time, from good-doers who sponsored a few operations, to building the world’s largest non-profit burn hospital located in Egypt and serving the Middle East and Africa? The question itself is still bewildering, but what I’m sure of is that it’s because of the grace of Allah, the power of good will, and the unflinching dedication of our team.

Those flames I referred to earlier shall enlighten us, show us the way of compassion and sacrifice, how to feel others’ pains, and more importantly: how to see the beauty of the soul behind the disfigurement of the body. 

My dream is that one day no one will look away when seeing a Burn Survivor, and to live in a world where Burn Victims are met with compassion, understanding, and the care they deserve.

Our ultimate goal is a Humanity Burn Free. 

Please join us in creating this world we all dream of.

Heba Elsewedy 

Founder and Chairwoman 


February 2018
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