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Ahl Masr Burn Hospital will be the first and the largest non-profit burn specialized medical complex and research center in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa.The hospital is designed with 120 bed capacity in phase one of its construction and expandable to 180 beds in phase two. Ahl Masr Non-Profit Burn Hospital is a medical complex that comprises of emergency and medical services including operating suites, diagnostic imaging, rehabilitation and psychotherapy, laboratories, outpatient services, oxygen therapy unit, intensive care unit, inpatient wards, visitors and out-comers’ facilities and Ahl Masr foundation premises.

Although Ahl Masr’s free burn hospital is not constructed yet the organization work day and night to provide medical and physiological care for burn victims starting from searching for therapeutic institutions that are qualified to deal with this type of injuries which is considered one of the biggest obstacle due to the lake of this type of institutions, providing Compensatory devices for patients and till reaching the stage of psychological and social rehabilitation for the victims and their families so that they can integrate into society normally.

In September 2013, the village of Ahmed Allam in Bani Sweif witnessed a huge fire that burned its houses and injured many of its residents And through field research it was discovered the lack of safety factors for houses and surrounding areas from the dangers of fire So Ahl Masr Foundation launched an initiative “safe village” “Egypt burn free” that aims to help villages that have been burned and to combat the causes that could lead to the outbreak of fires in other villages

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