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Prevention & Awareness Program

Ahl Masr has been working since its establishment on creating awareness of both the Burns issue in Egypt, and best prevention practices.

Our programs target both adults and children, and cover Egypt’s governorates. We work closely with communities, and focus on advocating the critical impact of burn injuries on society, pushing policymakers and legislators to consider health and safety risks while laying out related laws and procedures. 

Ahl Masr has developed a comprehensive scheme for burn prevention that covers precautionary and first-aid sessions for children, adults and community health centers in villages and rural areas.

In line with our partnership protocol signed with the ministry of social solidarity, these programs are carried out through awareness sessions and convoys across three main segments: 

- Local Communities

- Schools and Universities

- Corporates

Awareness Sessions cover:

1. Pre-Fire Accident Management: designed to provide general awareness about wrong practices and behaviors that could lead to fire accidents, scalds or burn injuries.  Add first aid training.

2. During Fire Accident Management: designed to train individuals on how to combat all types of fires and burn accidents (large scale/ small scale/ electrical fire/ chemical fire/ flammable substances/ metal fire) and how to prevent fire accidents from spreading. It also trains targeted groups on how to use fire extinguishers efficiently and effectively. Add how the first aid training will help.

3. Post-Fire Accident Management: designed to train individuals on how to correctly handle scalds or burn injuries in a way that will not increase the severity of injury. We also provide attendees with first aid kits after the training is completed. 


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