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Rehabilitation Program

Throughout our work, we’ve realized that treating burns does not stop at the treatment of the injury, but actually requires a 360 degree approach, as burn injuries affect victim’s life, which calls for psychological, social, and career rehabilitation. 

We focus through our rehabilitation program on providing Burn Victims with psychological support that helps them accept the reality of their injuries, most of which cause traumatic effects, especially on children and women. 

This is followed by social rehabilitation, where we work on raising awareness among various community stakeholders on how to deal with and reintegrate Burn Victims in society. 

This includes schools, an important community that sometimes rejects Burn Victims, claiming they scare children, in addition to neighborhoods, job owners, and others. 

Outreach Programs:

- Burn Support Group

- Juvenile Fire Starters Program

- Burn Camp

- School Reintegration

- Burn Buddies

- Burn Education to School and Community Groups

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