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Burn Victim Treatment Program 

Until the hospital is finished, we are not standing still; as we keep working closely with Burn Survivors, providing them with adequate medical care; assuring their full recovery. 

Ahl Masr is the first non-profit foundation to fully focus on the long and expensive process of Burn Survivors Treatment and Rehabilitation.

We start working with patients after 6 months of the injury.

Full recovery might take up to 6 years of treatment and operations. Burn injuries require a long stay in hospital, and are extremely expensive, as it might cost an average 5,000 Egyptian pounds in the ICU per day.

We also struggle with Burn Victims suffering from acute burns, doing our best to find a place for them at hospitals, which is a near impossible task due to the lack of facilities equipped to accommodate burn cases, this was one of the reasons why we decided to build our own hospital.

We provide the following services to victims for free:

- Radiological investigations.

- Reconstructive surgeries (averaging a minimum of 5 surgeries per case).

- Prostheses.

- Compression Garments

- Rehabilitative services.

- Dermatological and Laser Therapy.

- Psycho-Social rehabilitation for victims & families.

- Pharmacological Services.


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